Denver A. Dan

Yes, that's my real name! I'm a Raleigh-based multimedia journalist and creative.

As a triple threat journalist, I have advanced skillsets in videography, photography and reporting. This is the stuff I live for. 

My style is story-based, and always responsive to the needs of each project.

Each of my skillsets has a different style and approach, so please take some time to look around!


I'm hardwired for video - it's my love language. Aside from working a couple months at a coffee shop during my first semester of college, I've never worked another job outside of video. I have 10 years of experience and the skills needed for any project, which I am extremely grateful for.

I've done it all... Almost... I've work on television segments, short films, big brand commercials, non-profit and startup promos, training series and E-Learning videos, concerts, weddings *inhale*, do you want me to keep going?


"Can't you do that on your phone?" No. I have a burning love for fine art photography, creative portraiture and photo stories. It's something I am constantly excited and daydreaming about. If I don't answer your call, I'm probably out taking pictures. 

In my most recent projects, I've explored youthful expressions of attitude through a gritty and rebellious lens. I have the gift of vision and working with talent is a strong suite for me. Did I mention I'm looking for collaborators? Hit me up! 


I didn't ask to be a reporter, it just happened because I couldn't stop asking questions. I got my Masters Degree in it from UNC Chapel Hill. I'm still pretty green but I have several works up for publication, so stay turned! 

CAUTION: My reporting often covers sensitive topics not suitable for all audiences, including end-of-life care, death care, severe mental illness and traumatic events. In a nutshell, I write about things we don't normally talk about.

I'm always on-call for editorial assignments and am currently accepting freelance opportunities for documentary, commercial and creative projects. Please feel free to contact me.

(919) 578-8857

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