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DNVR Community Studio and Gallery


Editing a Movie

Youth Programming

DNVR Community Studio and Gallery is the proposed non-profit for expanding creative digital media tools to communities through youth educational programs, mentorship, and public incubation. 


Inspiring the next generation of creatives

Professional Photo Studio


Whether you're a young aspiring creator or a curious mind, we're here to help you grow. Our educational programs are proposed to specifically help young people develop the technical skills needed to navigate the basics of digital video, photography, virtual reality, augmented reality, or interactive media. 


It's never too late to find your passion

IT Consulting


No matter your age or skill level, it's always the right time to learn something new. Our mentorships allow individuals to explore a new artistic craft, meet other creatives, and gain experience without risking their careers or financial stability.


Help us by letting us help you

Business Team


It isn't easy to come up with the resources for professional digital media campaigns, website content, or marketing materials. By working alongside startups, non-profits, and communities, we can share resources and help each other reach our goals. Your story matters and we are here to help you tell it.

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